In this episode, I spoke with Jordan Gross, a personal trainer/life coach who stopped chasing the next promotion or corner office to follow his gut.

Jordan shared why he made the decision to carve his own path in life. His message is aimed with the inspiration and practical tips you need  to lead a more authentic and meaningful life.


Jordan shared these wisdom nuggets:

●      Why he took the path less traveled- - and why YOU should too

●      One very simple mental hack to motivate you to conquer any huge goal

●      A 3-step communication framework that will boost your social skills

●      Creative value-adding: How to creatively add massive value

●      Valuing the journey from the old to the new you


Key Moments You Shouldn’t Miss

[2:00] What is one thing people would not know about you just by looking?


[3:46] Jordan’s journey from highly paid management consultant to life coach with a world-changing message


[5:49] The moment Jordan began to follow his gut..and how he helps others learn


[21:10] Jordan’s 3-step framework


[22:36] Creative value adding: How can I add even more value to my relationships in a unique way?


[27:40] Here’s why everyone is a pro in their arena



Power Quotes from our Guest

“When I was growing up, I was a total insider..”


“Communication, to me, the actual epitome of success.”


“Every single person is a “Joe” at something. Every single person is a “pro” at something



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